About the founder

Bogdanov Sergey Nikolaevich

Sergey Nikolaevich Bogdanov is the General director of one of the largest manufacturers of electrical products in Russia — the engineering company «ETHIS».

Sergey Nikolaevich was born and grew up in the north of Russia, in Murmansk. After graduating from high school, he entered the Leningrad Technological Institute of the Refrigeration Industry, later received an MBA in business education at the St. Petersburg International Institute of Management IMISP.

His technical mindset and engineering skills prompted him to start his professional career as a specialist in the field of electrical work. But in the 90s Sergey Nikolaevich changed the direction of activity and tried himself in trade, and after that he actively developed business in catering.

Despite his successes, it soon became obvious to him that for maximum self-realization it was necessary to combine the spheres of his interests. So Sergey gradually began to return to the origins – engineering. After working for some time in a production company and gaining valuable experience, he decided to open his own business.

how the company was founded


In 2008, Sergey Nikolaevich, together with a team of experienced specialists, founded the company «SZPK», which later grew into a large manufacturer «ETHIS». Competent management and a first-class team quickly allowed the company to take a strong position in the market. Now «ETHIS» has 3 branches in different cities, its own experimental site, a design department and a huge range of products. The success of the company is largely due to the active life position of the CEO.

Sergey Nikolaevich is not only engaged in the constant development of production, but he tries to devote a lot of time to his family – his wife, son and daughter. Together they travel and go hiking. Sergey Nikolaevich also likes to go by boat and climb mountains. Among the peaks conquered by him is Mount Kazbek, 5,054 meters high.

Today Sergey Nikolaevich is aimed at taking a new height – expanding the production of «ETHIS» and strengthening the company's brand. "It is important not only to produce high-quality products, but also to make sure that people know about it and can buy these products. To do this, you need to pay attention to marketing. If you started doing something first in Russia, you need to tell people about it," he is sure.

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